Leadership Team

Victor Rottinghaus

Victor Rottinghaus is a 9-year veteran of the Army who, in his words, ‘’didn’t DO anything’. Victor worked on Cobras and was exceptional in his work but lucky enough not to have been deployed to a combat zone. Two of his brothers did five tours in combat zones and still struggle with physical and mental traumas as do many of his former unit members. As with most units deployed, some of his friends didn’t survive the ordeals. His awareness of veteran’s struggles with mental and physical challenges inspired him to want to help. 

By working toward housing security, 5PointOp is reinvesting in those who have fortitude and resilience which will strengthen America’s communities and revive the values and work ethic that will protect our wonderful way of life for generations to come. Victor brings 20 years’ experience in finance, real estate and connecting people together to create projects. His passion to give back inspired the idea of 5PointOp, which is designed to create stability, maximize VA benefits, and mutually benefit veterans and their communities.

Heather Mylan-Mains

Heather Mylan-Mains experienced the hope of wanting someone to heal from mental illness and addiction. She felt the loss of hope after losing someone to suicide when they could no longer cope. Her late husband struggled with addiction and mental illness until he took his life. This experience is something she wishes no one would share with her. This trauma changed her and ignited a desire to help others struggling with mental health. Working with 5PointOp allows her the opportunity to give back to a community to provide hope. She brings 20 years’ experience working in business analysis helping organizations to be more efficient and create solutions to solve problems.

She is a stimulus for change as a mom and in her work. She has a passion for people, especially for those that have experienced trauma. She loves the United States of America and supports all those that have served and do serve to protect the freedoms we all enjoy. She changes the world one smile at a time and has a talent to see the best in people. She will find the positive in any situation, just ask her!